Monique  is an aspiring singer songwriter from Brantford., Ontario.

Music and the dream of performing has been with Monique for as far back as she can remember but it wasn’t until later in life that with the love and support of her husband and friends that she found the courage to fulfil her dreams.

It started off slow in 2017 from charity events and busking to performing regularly at a local artisan cafe but escalated quickly to where she is today.

She discovered her passion for songwriting and released her first single Under Construction in support of Mental Health awareness in 2019 followed by Alive Inside your Heart later that same year. In the summer of 2020 she released a 5 song EP called Whisky Time and quickly followed that up with another single called Dream.

In 2021/2022 saw the release of 3 new singles; her comical tribute song to her hunting husband Stand Back Ladies,  Maybe It’s a Memory and He Shoots Whisky.  In 2024 Monique released a song highlighting her love of Country Music and who she is today titled Grace Gratitude & Grit.  Monique is looking forward to getting back in the studio to release more original songs in 2024.

Monique performs regularly at various restaurants, pubs and festivals. She performs both covers and originals inspired by artists like Gretchen Wilson, Miranda Lambert and The Pistol Annie’s.

Monique also has a very popular Classic Country Show, performing some of the greats by Dolly Parton, Hank Willliams, Meryl Haggard, Loretta Lynn, Patsy Cline and more. This Classic Country show keeps her very busy performing at many senior homes around Southern Ontario.

Monique has worked along side many great local musicians both in studio and on stage and loves being a part of an Amazing Music Community.

Monique puts on a great show where ever she performs ....

Country....Country/Rock...Folk...Classic Country....all with just a little bit of attitude and grit thrown in just for fun.

Monique Hunsley Music